I was once asked to speak in the special event of a private bank “HR & Administration Workshop” by raising the topic Working With Heart – “Redifining The New Way of Working.” The topic that I delivered was the WorkHeart Framework, namely:

1. “I love what I do” – PASSION.

You will never work with your heart if you don’t choose a job that you love or don’t learn to love the job you have chosen. Without passion, you will never give the best in your work.

2. “I know what & how to do” – COMPETENCY.

Spirit alone is not enough. You need to be equipped with knowledge (technical skills) and interpersonal skills (soft-skills) that are capable so that you have the confidence in doing your job well.

3. “I realize the contribution of what I do” – MEANING.

Often, a person does not work seriously because he does not realize or does not know the meaning or meaning of his work towards the achievement of organizational goals. When you know it clearly, you will do it seriously.

4. “I grew by doing what I do” – DEVELOPMENT.

By realizing that you are training yourself and developing your potential through your work, you will be more active in doing so until one day you become an expert.

Contributor: Antakirana