A manager reprimands his subordinates because he thinks too much and analytically in completing his work. According to him, he was very lacking in confidence and long in decision making. But on the contrary, the subordinate told his coworkers that his superiors were fast-paced, arrogant, and lacking empathy. Can you imagine what kind of working relationship will occur between these superiors and subordinates in the future if they don’t learn from each other? Yes, it won’t be effective.
Humans have a pattern of behavior (behavior styles) that vary between one another. Each type of behavior has the strength and area for development. So, don’t ever vilify others just because you don’t know them well. And don’t ever judge others just because they are different from you. Therefore, it is important for you to:

1. Understand yourself.

Understanding your own type of behavior is the first step. With high self-awareness about who you are, how you tend to communicate, and what things you don’t like; will enable you to minimize weaknesses and maximize the power you have.

2. Understand others who have different types with you.

The second step is to start to recognize other types of behavior that have characteristics which are different from yours. Thus you will have a complete perspective on how to communicate with others and be able to appreciate the differences that may arise.

3. Mastering how to communicate effectively with different types of people.

Last but not least, it is important for you to start learning how to best communicate with those who have different behavior types with you. Thus, behavioral differences are not a problem in your organization. It will strengthen your business in every line of the organization.

Contributor: Antakirana