Inspire your toolkit and take your work to the next level with The Coaching Game!

The Coaching Game is creative and effective coaching tool for personal and professional development. With so many inspirational cards and powerful keywords that can be used in Coaching, Training, Counseling, or personal use.

6 Ways How The Coaching Game Do The Magic:

#1. By Pass Logic: Unique photos with single powerful keyword are effective to reduce coachee resistance.

#2. Diverse Setting: Can be applied for one-on-one coaching, in a group, or in large scale training program.

#3. Unexpected but Precise: Visual Method and Associative Technique in The Coaching Game clarify all the abstract concept to become real actions.

#4. Effective Dialogue: Coachee will feel secure and comfort to freely explore and share their mind and feeling to Coach.

#5. Expanding Points of View: The Coaching Game make Coachee to lokk at things from new perspective, with new points of view so they can see the chance to solve their own issues.

#6. Dealing with Net Generation: Photo-therapy method of The Coaching Game is easily accepted by any generations, especially Milenial generation..

The Coaching Game is INNOVATION in the world of Coaching. With a right and precise tools, you can get optimal results in coaching and training process, even for building and improving relationship.

For you who want to get the tools and learn how to conduct with it:

Points of You Practitioner Training Program

March 4, 2019 @Centennial Tower Fl. 19, Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav.24-25, Jakarta Selatan at 9.00 AM-5.00 PM.

Let’s Connect and Register Now:

Nithia Kaliyani +62 8787 8420 296

Antakirana +62 8787 877 9249


Here is the link of video to get to know more about The Coaching Game: